Aeon Balanced Prescient Fund wins Big at Raging Bull Awards

The Raging Bull Awards ceremony held on the 31 January 2018 was a prestigious event. Aeon Investment Management was awarded two Raging Bull Certificates for the Aeon Balanced Prescient Fund for Top Performance in the following categories: Best South African Multi-Asset Medium Equity Fund Best South African Multi-Asset Medium Equity Fund on a risk-adjusted basis The [...]

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Liberty’s financial chief moves to Old Mutual

Liberty announced a change in it's top management. Old Mutual announced a new appointment to their senior management. In this article, Ann Crotty briefly informs you on the changes and why they are noteworthy in a South African context. Asief Mohamed, Chief Investment Officer at Aeon Investment Management, provides comment on the appointment of Casper Troskie [...]

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Timeline: Top 20 stories for 2017 on Business Report

2017 has been filled with breaking stories, from company scandals to rand downgrades and cabinet reshuffles in Parliament. We take a look at the top Business Report stories this year that has made the cut onto the top 20 list. Aeon Investment Management Chief Investment Officer, Asief Mohamed contributed a few comments. Read this article [...]

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Analysis: Rand boost after Ramaphosa win

The market focus in ANC’s elective conference has shifted to policy positions to be adopted by the party after the rand went gung-ho in the lead up to and after the victory of Cyril Ramaphosa as the ruling party’s president. The local currency raced to R12.60 against the dollar after the top six officials were [...]

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Ratings agency downgrades credit rating to junk

Embattled Steinhoff’s woes deepened on Friday when  Moody’s Investor Service hit out at its board and slashed the group’s credit rating by four notches to junk.  The group’s ratings were also put under review for further downgrade.  Moody’s said its decision reflects the uncertainties and implications for the company’s liquidity and debt capital structure arising [...]

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Woolworths in eye of the storm

This article by Ann Crotty  on the Woolworths Annual General Meeting is worth a read. Including the comments by Aeon Investment Management. Woolworths chairman Simon Susman told shareholders at Tuesday’s annual general meeting that the board was confident of the group’s Australian strategy. "We believe in the strategy and we believe in Ian [Moir, the [...]

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Retirement funds scorecard left out of Financial Sector Code

The final version of the Financial Sector Code has been gazetted and was at the government printer on Tuesday with a crucial omission: a mandatory scorecard for retirement funds that would have seen more black principal officers and trustees managing more than R4-trillion in investable assets. The scorecard was withdrawn during negotiations due to concerns [...]

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Possible downgrading worries Mr Price

Mr Price was worried about political outcomes in South Africa and dreaded the potential downgrading of the country's sovereign credit rating by Moody’s Investor Services and S&P Global Ratings on Friday, the retailer said yesterday. Stuart Bird, the chief executive of Mr Price, said he was pleased the company posted robust results in the six [...]

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Expect economic data galore this week

This week will be laden with economic data, none of which will eclipse Friday’s credit update assessment from S&P Global Ratings and Moody’s Investor Services, which are both expected to release their year-end credit reviews on South Africa. The fears in the markets, which became more pronounced after last month’s underwhelming medium-term budget policy statement, [...]

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